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People have a bad habit of asking if “is everything okay?” Without really worrying about the answer!


It was all so sweet that I wanted to kill myself.



Maybe I’m just existing on this astral plane, that I am nothing to anyone, that I am a failure. There are several speculations I create about myself, so I am a failure.


I am a why in the form of a person.


“There is a whole universe inside you! Put it in order and be happy.”


Often judging others is easier than understanding them. Let’s be tough on problems and docile with people. Sometimes all you need is a good pair of ears.
Makes it work


I have countless illnesses. From terminals in the sentimental context, I suffer from a problem called: ” concern with the wrong person ”. Or POP (Another Person’s Problem, according to the Hitchhiker’s Guide).


I open my eyes and see my right being wrong. I have seen landscapes, but artificial ones.


For many I am a terror
For others I am inspiration
But for myself I am only a young man with depression


It is better to be born completely insane, than to be born easily into lucidity and then into depression. The madman can have happiness, not the depressive depression quotes about love


Every day more, to depend less, until the moment of becoming free and just being me.


“Turn the page is top … I rip, I play in the pot and I download.”


“While many are looking for blissful happiness, I am happy in my own way and with what, at the moment, I have.”


I have to die for a week, before I die a little more each day.


When men invite you to walk on the sea, you can be sure that the result will be drowning;


When everything gets hard to bear in life it’s time to show you why it came to the world!


If you feel sad is normal, it is dangerous to give yourself to sadness.


Approach the horizon, but do not forget to look at the floor that will step on.


If my lines seem sad to you, you can be sure that I’ve made you weep.


My death did not want me, so follow life.


The individual is a ready, rehearsed spectacle, just waiting for the curtain to open to present itself; In the audience all the rest, one world, waiting to see him. Depression is a curtain that insists on not opening. And behind the curtain the spectacle of life does not happen.


Crying is when you are alive, when you die, everyone is dear …


How many times do we say it’s okay just to be accepted? But not this, and we know that …


Suicides do not want to die. They just want to stop feeling pain.


I just wanted her affection, to be able to lie on her lap knowing that she is mine …
Unfortunately people like to fill the others with hope and then leave, people who do not know how to love, hurt those who know …




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