This game is basically for kids who are diehard interesting in building things for their joy. You have to place blocks on blocks to build a building and to go on adventures. This game includes survival mode and creative modes. You can also play with you friends over a local Wi-Fi connection. There are many randomly generated building which can’t be seen in real world. You can enjoy your imagination world by playing this game. MINECRAFT PE APK allows you to play one player game and also two player game over a Wi-Fi connection.


There are also many other features in the paid version of this game. You can play this game with your kids and give them a chance to discover many new things in the world. They will build to learn many things. There is massive improvement added to free version after removing many bugs. You just have to pay once for paid version of this app. It is one of the best/unique games for kids in 20166 and 2017.

The specifications of Minecraft game:

The only language that is available for kids in this game is English. It is a type of action and adventure game, and you can learn a lot from this match. It has become one of the top favorite games of children. They love to play in their free time.

For installation purpose, you need an android device whose software is more than 4.0, and it can work well on all above software. It has more than 4.3 rating reviews on Android store. The size of this game is also not larger. You can download it accessible on any Android device greater than 4.0. Mojang is the developer of MINECRAFT PE APK. It has more than 10000 downloads on android play store.

The addition of more features and editor’s comments:

You can play this game with more than ten friends that exist anytime. The plastic and city texture packs to change and also add to feel of your new world. The active support of Xbox is also available in this game. Apart from all these, the final pieces of Redstone’s functionality are also here for gamers.

In the new version of this MINECRAFT PE APK, there are also zombies and jungle templates. Now, you can get the entertainment of jungles and kids can get rid of their fear of zombies after playing this game. In the end, horses, mutton, pig riding and carrot on stick feature are also in this exciting game for kids.

The required Game/APP permissions:

There are three requirements for this game. All of them are here for you.

  • They require open network sockets for running.
  • They also need access information about all the systems that you are using for your game.
  • Write to the external storage is also necessary for this match.

You have to give access to these things at the download time once in your installation.