Why chooses BOL Network?

Before telling you about the BOL TV LIVE programs of BOL network, let me say something why this network is growing faster?

BOL system is becoming stronger and stronger nowadays. The people are attracting more towards this channel. The reason is quite clear. The team of this network is working hard to get their fame back in the market after the AXACT Bogus Scandal. They are improving themselves day by day.

BOL Network has become the largest media network nowadays. They are using the modern techniques to get the news to the viewers. All of the news they deliver are after the proper clarification by the team. They provide genuine and real news to the viewers.

BOL TV Live in high definition result:

All the programs of the BOL network are available on BOLTVLIVE to watch in high definition result. Apart from BOL TV Live, they are also offering many other packages to the viewers. All of the programs are according to the set rules and regulations of the PEMRA.


Once, you will be stuck to these real and valid programs about the government of Pakistan; you will always come here on this channel. All the programs about the different aspects of Pakistan are available here. Enroll yourself to see the quality stuff of such life changing programs.

The growing media of Pakistan day by day:

The BOL media group is advancing in the media field of Pakistan. Mr. CEO of this group, MR. Shoaib Sheikh is making a good team for his network. Many senior journalists, news reporters are joining this network day by day. The interest of this group in public is on the top in 2017.

After proving innocent by the court regarding the bogus AXACT scandal, this network is making good and fast progress day by day. All of their stuff regarding news and entertainment is on the top. You can call “Real warriors” who stood straight after the scandal and making such a top quality stuff.

The 200% increased salary packages:

After the scandal, the CEO of this group is giving 200 percent special pay packages to his employees. It is such an enormous amount. As they are moving forward in the media group of Pakistan, that’s why many employees are joining this group. A rough estimate tells us that after 2015, the employees are enjoying high lifestyle due to increment in the pay packages.

The best things from the best media group:

The BOL network is not only famous for the news. This channel is also doing many social things. Here are some of the things they are doing for the improvement of Pakistan.

  • They are working to improve the education system of Pakistan.
  • Making the social improvements for Pakistanis
  • Helping the people by the providing quality transport

Increasing the salary packages for employees.