Blower Motor Resistor is a very essential part of any vehicle’s ventilation system and heating system. It is responsible for controlling the speed at which the blower motor works. This Blower Motor can only be used in cars that have fixed speeds. Blower motor resistor problems are very common in cars. A failed motor resistor causes the heater fan to completely stop working. A switch called the blower motor relay is used to supply power to the blower motor resistor. The blower motor blows the air through the vents of a vehicle. They are the most probable part of a car which are prone to failing because are prone to wear.

Signs that the Blower Motor Resistor is Failing

The symptoms of the failure of a blower motor resistor are as follows.

  • The first symptom for the failure of the blower motor resistor is that the motor does not function at all. It is also related to the blower motor relay as it supplies the current to the motor. If the relay if broken or fails to work then automatically the blower motor resistor will stop working.
  • The second symptom for the failure of the blower motor resistor is blown fuse. If the fuse of the circuit for the relay is broken or blown then the blower motor resistor stops working.
  • Sometimes, the blower motor relay gets so hot that it starts melting as a result of which it is no more capable of supplying current to the resistor so, it stops working.

How to replace the blower motor resistor?

The blower motor resistor can be replaced in the following way

  • First of all, disconnect it from the rest of the circuit. The instructions on how to detach it can be found in the car manual. The common places for the resistor are under the dashboard or near the blower fan.
  • It can be estimated by only looking at the blower motor that whether it is burned out or not.
  • If it is not visible if the resistor is faulty or not, then it can be checked by measuring its resistance through an ohm meter. The meters are connected to individual powers and the resistance should be checked individually.

Where to find it?

The blower motor resistor can be bought at any auto repair shop or it can be bought online through various sites which sell quality products and give doorstep delivery. It is a more convenient way of buying anything especially for people who have no experience because online products have all the details written along the product.

Where to get it fixed?

The Blower Motor Resistor is a very important part of any vehicles especially your car so it should be fixed by a professional person aka a mechanic. The car should be brought down to the auto repair shop after the initial inspection whatever the mechanic suggests should be done. But it can also be changed at home because it is a part that gets blown repeatedly so people find it convenient to learn how to fix it rather than the continuous trips to the mechanic.


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