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A world-class batsman, Virat Kohli, going to bat at Number 3 for Royal Challengers Bangalore


Virat Kohli, a world-class batsman

Virat Kohli is a world class and at the top in the ranking of twenty-twenty batsman ranking. He has played so well in his careers that he is admired by all of the cricket fans even if they are opposite of their team. That is the true winning when your opposition loves your skills. Virat Kohli is that kind of batsman as he has fans from all over the world and his class in playing cricket I admired by all big cricket legends that are alive to see this young man’s batting. That is why royal challengers Bangalore are very courageous having such a talented batsman on their side. He boosts up the morale of the other team members as he is so dedicated and committed to cricket almost every cricketer respects his cricket skills. get further details on .

At number 3 he can perform better

Virat Kohli in his interview said that he had played very well for cricket team of India. And his performance at number three is above average, and that is why he is looking forward to playing at number 3 for royal challengers Bangalore. Further, he said that he has good experience of playing at that number and that number is for the best because most of the batting line up is depending on that number. He is fully confident that he has enough skills and experience to play at that number. He is confident that he can lift up the team and play good cricket at that number. Well confident is all you need if you think you can perform at a certain level then you must do that.

What other player has to say about it

Virat Kohli is a big cricketer and when he makes some decision some big cricketers always comment on his decisions. Same went for this event as Virat posted that he would be playing at number 3 in royal challenger Bangalore many players added their comments about his decision from other teams and clubs.

Karthik said that is a good take away for him to that game as it gives a lot of courage and confidence to his batting skills and it is important to use the experience as Virat is doing.

Other said that is going to be matched between KKR bowling and RCB’s batting and we might see bowling dominance in the cricket here. It would be astonishing to see RCB’s batting and bowling both working well otherwise they can lose the match. Every team needs a stained balance in the team with bowling and batting, and that is why main concern of RCB is the bowling portion.

Virat Kohli as captain

Virat Kohli is leading the RCB as we all know but the thing that he is worried about is the cup. He said that he is with RCB from 10 years and till now they are always losing the final hurdles. He said that is more committed to the winning of the team then the fans because it is difficult for him to think that he always reach final hurdles and lose there. Further, he said that in this session his commitment is 120 present as he wants to achieve the goal this time by all means possible. Let’s see what his commitment can get to the RCB’s fans.

They are waiting for so long, to see a win and IPL cup in the hands of Virat Kohli. His batting cannot do all the work. His team member needs to support him with all their skills to perform better than the last 10 sessions. They must all be committed toward the goal of winning the IPL this time. Otherwise, they will all be playing for nothing. Cricket is a gentlemen game off course, but winning is essential to keep up the morale of the team and to give them hope that they can win next time. Continuous loss can bring down the energy of the team.

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Watching cricket highlights is trending

Pakistan’s Sarfraz Ahmed celebrates at the end

What happens when you sit in cricket Fan’s Company?

Cricket is a famous game and probably most played the game after football. There are hundreds of cricket fans around the world, and they are so crazy about cricket that they leave important works of their daily life for watching cricket, and when you are friend of cricket fans then you must stay updated about the cricket world and you have too many options now, you can choose what are fits you. You can watch highlights; you can watch live cricket, you can watch cricket on TV, you can view cricket on mobile. You have too many options now that are just created to facilitate you in your daily life. When you sit in the gathering of the group that has more cricket fans then you must have some information about cricket world otherwise you will not have anything to say, and they will all be talking about cricket. The best thing that you can do now is that you download a cricket app that gives you cricket news.

Evolution of live streaming

In old times people were used to watching cricket live on TV, but as time passed they started to look for alternatives that facilitate there life more, and they came up with the live streaming over the internet and what you can do now is amazing. You can watch cricket on your mobile phone and tablet. You just need an internet connection on your mobile, and you will be good to go. You can view cricket in any corner of the world.

Cricket is way of getting to gather in Asia

People in Asian country are too fond of cricket, and it is an excellent source of getting together there, and people sit with their family whenever there is a cricket match. There is a special gathering when there is a cricket match. You can see Big LCD in the streets where people are gathered, and they watch cricket together, and they enjoy together. There are many other ways to get along; there is a unique screen in the stadium that is adjusted there so people could come here and watch cricket.

Ongoing cricket matches

PAK VS Srilanaks

# Date & Time Match Venue Result
1 13 Oct,2017 11:00 AM GMT PAK vs SL Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai Pakistan won by 83 runs
2 16 Oct,2017 11:00 AM GMT PAK vs SL Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi Pakistan won by 32 runs
3 18 Oct,2017 11:00 AM GMT PAK vs SL Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi Pakistan won by 7 wickets
4 20 Oct,2017 10:00 AM GMT PAK vs SL Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah Pakistan won by 7 wickets


5 23 Oct,2017 10:00 AM GMT PAK vs SL Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah To be played
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